Zee Kamara

Program: Royal Holloway University of London

Program Type: Non-UF

Major: Nutritional Sciences

Minors: Women's Studies

Pronouns: She/her

Office Hours: Thursdays 1:55-2:45

Hi !! My name is Zee Kamara and I studied abroad at Royal Holloway University of London for the Spring 2022 semester. My international exchange program was absolutely amazing and the perfect fit for me, as it allowed me to fully immerse myself in a new culture while building strong relationships with students from all over the world. The academic flexibility of my program also allowed me to complete all of the requirements for my minor! I was not only able to travel and have a number of once-in-a- lifetime experiences, but truly changed as a person. Living away from everything that I had ever known made me a more outgoing, empathetic, independent, and resourceful person. Going abroad reignited my love for travel and helped me realize that I want a future career that will allow me to travel while still having an intersectional impact on the world around me. Each person I met on my exchange helped me become the person I am today, and I look forward to visiting them in their home countries, or having a wholesome reunion in London!