Executive Board

2022 - 2023

Cassidy O'Neill


Serves as the overall leader of SAPA, oversees the Executive Board, works closely with the SAPA Staff Advisor

Caroline Carter

Vice President of Operations

Keeps track of member points and participation,
runs the @ufsapa Instagram, designs merch and marketing materials

Allison Archer

Vice President of Finance

Organizes partial proceeds events, manages SAPA Scholarship review, oversees SAPA finances
and bank account

Cali Hinesley

Vice President of Outreach

Coordinates weekly info sessions and tabling, leads SAPA involvement in the Study Abroad Fair, spearheads new outreach

Juana Vallejo

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Organizes fun social events for SAPAs to attend, secures local venues for off-campus events, plans the bi-annual SAPA Retreat