Nicole Lopez

Program: UF in Paris - Culture and Language in Context

Program Type: UF Sponsored

Major: French; International Studies

Minors: Urban and Regional Planning

Pronouns: She/her

Office Hours: Tuesdays 11:45-12:35

Tuesdays 1

Hi! My name is Nicole Lopez and I’m a French and International Studies major, as well as an Urban and Regional Planning minor. During the 2023 Summer A semester, I was able to go on the UF in Paris: Culture and Language in Context study abroad trip and absolutely loved every second of it. Besides being able to explore a foreign country (especially the city of love!!!), I was able to share such a transformative experience with a great group of peers and create a bond with the family who hosted me. Since the experience was so immersive, I felt my ability to communicate in French improve and subsequently, my confidence in speaking the language went up. I also fell in love with the systems of public transit in Europe while I was there, and realized that city planning was the route I wanted to go in for my career. Needless to say, studying abroad changed my life, and I would love to spread the joy of international learning with everyone who is interested!