Juliet Cook

Program: UF in London - Study & Intern

Program Type: UF Sponsored

Major: Business Management

Pronouns: They/them

Office Hours: Abroad this semester - no office hours

Hi! My name is Juliet (they/them). I studied abroad in London with UF in London through Heavener as a sophomore in Fall 2021. I chose this program because I would be able to study in a diverse city, take classes accredited for my major, and participate in an internship particular to the industry I plan to go into. With the ability to do those very things, this program reinforced the idea that working in the fashion industry is exactly what I want to do in a similar, vibrant city. During my time in London I truly discovered so much about myself and saw that the future I want for myself is not only possible but exciting. Studying abroad was definitely an experience I will never take for granted.