Daniela Barrantes

Program: UF in Belize - NGOs, Sustainability, and Development 

Program Type: UF Sponsored

Major: Political Science; International Studies

Minor: Non-Profit Organizations

Pronouns: She/her

Office Hours: Fridays 12:50-1:40

Hi! My name is Daniela (she/her), and I studied abroad in Belize with UF in Belize: NGOs, Development & Sustainability as a rising sophomore in the Summer of 2023. As someone passionate about helping others, studying the importance of non-profit organizations in a country like Belize changed my perspective, respect, and understanding of NGO work. After visiting numerous organizations during my time abroad, these experiences led to my decision to minor in non-profit organizations and seek a future in continuing to research non-profit work. Most importantly, I made lifelong friendships through the connection of stargazing until 3 in the morning, 5 a.m. hikes to watch the sun rise above the mountains, and eating my favorite local Belizean dish: fry jacks!