Cassidy O'Neill

Program: UF in Merida - Tropical Ecology, UF in Peru; University of Glasgow

Program Type: UF Sponsored; Exchange

Major: Political Science; Women's Studies

Pronouns: She/her

Office Hours: Wednesdays 11:45-12:35

About Me:

Hi! My name is Cassidy and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I studied abroad in Merida, Mexico with the UF in Merida program in Summer 2019. I am grateful to the Lombardi and Stamps Scholarship program for providing me this opportunity. While in Merida, I studied tropical ecology and Spanish language. This motivated me to continue my journey of learning Spanish into college. Additionally, learning about the environment of the Yucatan peninsula was a reminder of the importance of protecting our Earth and its beautiful gifts. I believe that travel and experiencing the world allows us to become the best version of ourselves, and more importantly, to understand what it means to be citizens of the world. This has inspired me to embark on a year long exchange program at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Having the chance to study abroad has made my experience at the University of Florida unforgettable, and it has changed my life forever.