Brendan Cook

Program: UF in London & Paris - HHP

Program Type: UF Sponsored

Major: Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management

Pronouns: He/him

Office Hours: Fridays 12:50-1:40

Hey! I’m Brendan (he/him) and I studied abroad in London and Paris with UF’s Health and Human Performance department in Summer 2023. I am a Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management major, with a specialization in Event Management. While abroad, I studied International Topics in Sports Management and Hospitality Management. During class, it felt like nothing more than a group of friends exploring the city with academics in mind. Each professor was excited to teach and be part of this experience with their students. Being in London and Paris for about 2 weeks each allowed me to really enjoy the city, the culture, and the nightlife. I am very grateful for my experience, and I am excited to tell others more about my program.