Andi Hummel

Program: UF in Paris - Culture & Language in Context, UF in Sorrento - Mediterranean Culture & Internships

Program Type: UF Sponsored

Major: International Studies & French and Francophone Studies

Minor: Greek Studies

Pronouns: She/her

Office Hours: Wednesdays 12:50-1:40

Hi! My name is Andrea Hummel and I studied abroad in France with UF in Paris: Culture and Language in Context as well as in Italy with UF in Sorrento: Mediterranean Culture and Internships in Summer A and B of 2022. These two programs were a great fit for me because I am double majoring in French and International Studies. Studying abroad has been my absolute favorite experience as a UF student and I’m so happy to be helping others find the programs that fit them best! My favorite part about the UF in Paris study abroad was getting to stay with a host family and fully immerse myself into the French and Parisian culture. My favorite part about my study abroad in Sorrento was being able to intern with an NGO that works with refugees. Along with making incredible friends, I was most definitely able to learn a lot about myself and the cultures of both countries during my stays!