Amanda Veltri

Program: UF in Madrid - Business, Language, & Culture

Program Type: UF-Sponsored

Major: Business Administration with a specialization in International Studies

Minor: Spanish

Pronouns: She/her

Office Hours: Abroad! No office hours this semester

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Veltri and I studied abroad in Madrid through the UF in Madrid  program with the business school. I studied at Nebrija University where I took “Español para la empresa,” “Cultura en España” and “International Business”. I did my study abroad Summer C 2022 and it was truly the experience of a lifetime. I was able to expand on my Spanish skills while also growing my global perspective. This experience reinforced my desire to pursue a masters in international business and obtain a Spanish minor. One day i hope to join the peace corps and travel to other amazing places around the world. Studying abroad is truly such an amazing opportunity and is something that everyone should look into. My best advice for anyone would be to start looking into programs and attend as many info sessions as possible, these are great resources that are open to everyone!