Current Members

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UF Exchange

Katelyn Chan

Korea University Business School

Keri-Anne Lue

Global E3: University of Sheffield

Olivia Palmer

Queensland University of Technology

Sydney Patterson

Universitat Bonn

Hochschule Osnabrück

Taylor Hilton

University College Utrecht

Veronika Goncharova

L'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris

UF Sponsored

Alexis Rosa

UF in Madrid - Business, Language, and Culture

Ashley Abraham

UF in Vigo - Clinical Shadowing

Aslyn Mattson

UF in Cusco - Experiential Learning for Health Professions

Caroline Bradley

UF in Moscow - Language and Culture

Chase Whitfield

UF in Mérida - Tropical Ecology and Spanish

Jasmine Zayas

UF in Rome - Language and Culture

Kaj Wiegerink

UF in Dublin - Introduction to International Engineering

Paige Sidwell

UF in India and Nepal - NGOs & Development

Raeza Horn-Muller

UF in Valencia - Spanish Language and Culture

Sydney Patterson

UF in Vietnam - Internship

Tanya Jain

UF in Mérida - Epidemiology


Jasmine Zayas

ISA - Seoul (Hanyang University)

Joyce Walpole

EWHA Womans University

Kaitlyn Brus

CIEE - Botswana (Community Public Health)

Marlowe Starling

SFS - Tanzania (Wildlife Management)