Current Members

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Agriculture & Life Sciences

Marlowe Starling

SFS - Tanzania (Wildlife Management)

Paige Sidwell

UF in India and Nepal - NGOs & Development


Katelyn Chan

Korea University Business School

Alexis Rosa

UF in Madrid - Business, Language, and Culture

Sydney Patterson

UF in Vietnam - Internship

Universitat Bonn

Hochschule Osnabrück


Kaj Wiegerink

UF in Dublin - Introduction to International Engineering

Keri-Anne Lue

Global E3 - University of Sheffield

Olivia Palmer

Queensland University of Technology


Ashley Abraham

UF in Vigo - Clinical Shadowing

Aslyn Mattson

UF in Cusco - Experiential Learning for Health Professions

Kaitlyn Brus

CIEE - Botswana (Community Public Health)

Tanya Jain

UF in Mérida - Epidemiology

Language & Culture

Caroline Bradley

UF in Moscow - Language and Culture

Chase Whitfield

UF in Mérida - Tropical Ecology & Spanish

Jasmine Zayas

UF in Rome - Language and Culture

ISA - Seoul (Hanyang University)

Joyce Walpole

EWHA Womans University

Raeza Horn-Muller

UF in Valencia - Spanish Language and Culture

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Taylor Hilton

University College Utrecht

Veronika Goncharova

L'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris