Olaoluwakitan (Kitan) Adeniji

Program: UF in London

Program Type: UF Sponsored

Major: Business Administration

Office Hours: TBD

About Me:

Hi, my name is Olaoluwakitan (Kitan) Adeniji and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I studied abroad in London, England on the UF in London program ran by Heavener in Summer 2021. I studied abroad because I desired to cultivate my interests in global affairs and universal equity. I also gained specialized knowledge and an international network. During my time abroad, I learned so much about European culture and interacted with so many individuals from such a wide array of backgrounds. I hope for my career to center advocacy and policy for marginalized populations and my internship abroad allowed me to conduct hands-on work in that field. UF Alumni often say their biggest regret in their college years is missing the chance to study abroad. I am so happy I participated in such an unparalleled experience and took advantage of a life-changing opportunity, and my desire is to encourage other UF students to do the same.