Julia Cress

Program: UF in Europe - Cities in Civilization

Program Type: UF-Sponsored

Major: Nursing

Minor: Education Studies

Pronouns: She/her

Office Hours: Thursdays 1:55-2:45

Hey there! My name is Julia Cress and I studied abroad as a part of UF in Europe: Cities in Civilizations. This program allowed me to spend time in London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Florence, and Rome during the summer of 2022. As a UF sponsored program we had two three credit classes determined by the professor. I studied European history with components of art, architecture, and the like. Following my program, I spent a week solo in Switzerland putting my travel skills to the test. I am currently a senior in the nursing program and went abroad to get out of my comfort zone and see the world. Even though my program did not apply to my major, I was able to make many connections to cultural competence and to explore passions. I met amazing friends while abroad and had so many amazing experiences that I cannot express enough gratitude for!