Marlowe Starling

Program: SFS - Tanzania (Wildlife Management)

Program Type: Non-UF

Major: Journalism

Minor: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation; Intl. Studies in Agricultural and Life Sciences

Office Hours: Monday 12:50 pm - 1:40 pm

About Me:

Hi there! My name is Marlowe Starling (she/her). I studied abroad in Tanzania with The School for Field Studies as a rising sophomore in Summer 2019.

Although my primary passion lies in writing and journalism, I always loved taking courses in biology and environmental science growing up. That's why I decided to study wildlife management abroad in East Africa -- a region I had long wanted to explore, especially after a high school educational field trip to southern Africa, igniting my interest in Sub-Saharan Africa and wildlife studies. In addition to learning about local wildlife management techniques, I wrote and photographed a feature story about youth-led approaches to natural resource conservation that was later published in an international digital magazine. Studying science while practicing journalism helped me build an early career in environmental journalism and led me to declare a minor in wildlife ecology and conservation at UF.

Among the many great benefits to studying abroad, one of the aspects I appreciate the most is being immersed in another culture, language, way of life and perspective. It was a privilege to have the chance to learn and live in Tanzania for four weeks while practicing my Swahili, making friends with people in town, recording data on wildlife in protected areas, and bonding with staff and classmates alike by enjoying food together and learning local customs. I'll always treasure my memories of sunset soccer matches with nearby kids and sipping chai with my homestay family.